Beach House

The consistent challenges heard from travellers are often predictable. People tend to know what they are going to get from a hotel, but can have anxiety over the quality of a beach rental. Here are some of the challenges one can face when looking for beach houses for rent:

• You have to know what you want. You should also decide what is important to you. Beach houses for rent cost more if it is situated right on the beach. You can obtain cheaper houses a few blocks away from the beach.

• Who are you renting from? Research the beach houses for rent and when you decide on the suitable house, research the owner. Look at all the information available to you. You can investigate the owner’s website, the rental website, online reviews and Facebook. It is not a bad idea to investigate the property. There is a possibility that it can be in foreclosure.

• Determine if the rental is part of an association. If your rental is part of an association you will not experience problems of getting the air conditioning fixed. It remains a possibility that you can experience problems without getting it resolved when renting from private people.

When you browse through the beach houses for rent you get to view the most amazing photo’s and you read all the wonderful promises of proximity to white sandy beaches and great shopping centers. Search for beach houses for rent that accept credit cards. If the home is not as described, you may leave and ask the credit card company to dispute the charges.


One gets too focused on getting a deal and tends to neglect the search on important information. Look at every piece of information available on internet regarding the beach houses for rent. There are pitfalls to avoid by obtaining the information you will need for a pleasant stay. Contact the agent and ask questions such as:

• How far it is to walk to the beach? – If you have a good transportation company it doesn’t matter…when we were staying in MA we used

Look at all of the places we went, Party Bus Boston is one of them.

• How far is the nearest public beach access?

• Will it be necessary to cross the road to get to the beach?

• Is there a pool available at the beach house?

• Is there linen available in the house?

You can be required to make an upfront payment to cover possible damages and additional costs. New South Wales Fair Trading says that beach houses for rent are covered by general fair trading law and there is no specific, separate regulation of bonds paid for holiday accommodation. Consumers who agree to pay a bond on a holiday rental should make very sure they get a receipt and make sure they are clear on the conditions for receiving their bond back at the end of the holiday. It is important to read the print and to know your rights:

• Read the terms and conditions and if you are not clear about anything, discuss it with the agent or landlord;

• Review your contract carefully. Make sure you understand the contract language;

• Ensure that all negotiations and agreements are in writing;

• Do not hesitate to seek advice from the Department of Fair Trading if you cannot resolve an issue regarding a rental bond. There are reported cases of people who got caught in a rip-off.


A beach rental can save you a lot of money:

• Enjoy very cool moments in the wonderful turquoise waters will not cost you a cent;

• The waves offer hours of fun on the surf board and you do not have to pay for it;

• You can sun-bath without paying for it;

• The beaches offer ball games absolutely free of charge.

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You carefully budgeted for food and entertainment and you have peace of mind that you can enjoy a stress free stay in the house you rented at the beach. You did not, however, budget on meeting the family. Family inviting themselves over are pretty common. It can even be family you do not know all that well. If your budget does not allow the expenses of extra people, prepare yourself in time. Be honest and be clear about your situation. You do not want to spend your time at the beach house worrying about large numbers of hungry family members.


A beach house has health benefits. The ocean provides much more than surfing and swimming opportunities. Living and exercising near the beach helps to strengthen one’s immune system. It is said that breathing the ocean air is purifying.

Once you faced all the challenges of renting a beach house, you can get the sun block and towel ready and explore all the excitement and relaxing moments that the white beaches and blue ocean waters offer.A beach house and relaxing environment sounds good

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